Yesterday some good old friends were visiting Cairns and braved the wet conditions to drive up the range and have lunch with us.  It has been a few years since we saw them so it was a great opportunity to catch up.  Chris and Georgie are of South African origin and Chris is a keen hunter and fisherman.

aussiehunter big warthog tusksChris was recently back in Africa for an extended visit and some hunting.   He had a good collection of photos on his Samsung which we spent some time talking about.

I’ll reproduce a couple of general items here.  One is a photo of a warthog with a remarkable set of tusks.

The other is a short security video from a farm house back yard.  When their little pet dog was missing from the high fenced yard in the morning, the owners decided to check the security video for any clues to its disappearance.

Kathy and I do enjoy periods of wet weather.  It is always a great opportunity to indulge in a few projects that would otherwise be backed out by fine weather tasks.

This morning Kathy and I revisited some of our travel photography and, in particular, Kathy showed me some of the results of her Adobe Photoshop work.  She has some great photos.  I have been trying to convince her to set up a web site to showcase her work, but so far she has resisted.  Kathy would rather spend time working on her photos in preference to the less rewarding effort of maintaining a web site.  I can understand that.

I am planning to get more involved in my bird photography as well.  I always intended to take advantage of our location and do that.  Our area has a great wealth of birdlife and the easiest place to start is at the lake edge below our patio.  There is always a good collection of water birds there and I am sure that a photo hide there will work a treat.

Long-toed Stint

Long-toed Stint

I have thought about that and designed just such a hide.  All I need to do now is to collect some marine ply and a few other bits and pieces on our next trip into town.  It should not take long to whip up a simple, transportable hide to suit my purposes.  In the past I have simply used cheap one man camp tents.

However, now that the years seem to be catching up with me, I find that I can no longer sit cross-legged, or lie prone, for the extended periods of time that posed no problem in the past.  Therefore, my new hide design allows me to sit up and extend my legs, for a more comfortable longer period in the hide.

The completed photo hide will have an unfortunate resemblance to a vintage baby pram, without the wheels, something Kathy is yet unaware off and most likely to have a strong opinion about, he, he, he.  That should make for a few interesting conversations in the near future, like the often heard ” … but what will the neighbours think?”

So, anyway, I have a bit of incentive to revamp the rather rudimentary photo section on the web site to better include both our travel and wildlife photos.  I am also on a promise to expand the recipe section.  I am bouncing a few thoughts off Kathy and Jan about a standard format for presenting recipes.

Speaking of recipes, as a break from her photoshopping, Kathy went out it to the garden and harvested a bucket load of cherry tomatoes which she promptly turned into wonderful tomato and ginger jam.

aussiehunter tomato jam

aussiehunter the silver spoon recipe bookThe other item of interest on the recipe front was receiving in the post a copy of “The Silver Spoon” which is an excellent Italian recipe book.

This book has been very popular in Europe for over sixty years and has sold over a million copies in a range of languages.  However, it has only recently become available in an English version.

We were aware of it and eagerly awaiting the English edition.  A heavy, thick book, it also contains a lot of game recipes.  We will get a lot of use from it I am sure.