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Detailed ballistics and trajectories for 160 popular hunting calibres. Guidance on reloading, hunting accuracy and sighting a rifle. Air rifles and the 22LR are covered too.


Stories and information on achieving proficiency in hunting. Detailed information on knife selection and sharpening, game meat processing, navigation, safety and survival.

Gear Reviews

Detailed reviews of hunting related products, including scopes, binoculars, rifles, hiking boots, GPS devices, shooting rests, ammunition and some fishing gear as well.


Enjoying a fine meal of game meat from animals you have hunted yourself is one of life’s great pleasures. Here is a growing selection of recipes that includes desserts.

List of Rifle Calibres

Check out the Aussiehunter comprehensive list of rifle calibres. Detailed technical information and a great tool to use when comparing and choosing which rifle is right for you.

Aussiehunter Blog

Welcome to the Aussiehunter blog.  Updated regularly, it contains a wealth of information from hunting adventures through to technical data on shooting and outdoor equipment.  There are also updates on family, cooking and lifestyle.  Below are my three most recent blog posts.

Afternoon Boar Hunt

Afternoon Boar Hunt

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to slip in a quick pig hunt on my way to town to pick up some spare parts and a new drive belt.  It was only a minor detour down a dirt farm road and then a 500 metre walk to where a dead cow has been getting a lot of hog attention.  The...

Dead Cow Society – scavengers attracted by carrion

Dead Cow Society – scavengers attracted by carrion

My hunting buddy Pete has taken over dog hunting duties while I attend to some serious landscaping projects at home, and a lot of watering as things dry out rapidly.  Pete shot a dog just on dark a couple of nights ago.  Checking the trail camera shows that the dogs...

Lucky “New” Hat

Lucky “New” Hat

A few readers picked up on my “new” hat.  (You guys are paying more attention than I have been giving you credit for!)  Actually, that hat is about 20 years old.  I bought it as an eventual replacement for my everyday hat, which is now over 30 years old, and showing...

About Aussiehunter

Aussiehunter has been evolving since its inception in late 2011.  My name is Don Caswell, I retired in early 2012 and wanted an absorbing project to pursue that would build upon my existing interests and passions.  The result was the aussiehunter web site.

Since 1981 I have been a freelance writer, photographer & illustrator.  I am the author of hunting stories and the provider of technical shooting information.  I am an independent reviewer of hunting, shooting & outdoors products, in addition to being a blogger & webmaster with Facebook & Instagram presence.  I am a senior writer for the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and my articles appear regularly in their publications.

I have always striven to share and perpetuate my approach to, and the joy of, hunting.  The aussiehunter web site contains a wealth of useful and entertaining information, images and stories.  I hope you will enjoy reading of my adventures and find value in the technical data there.