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Welcome to the Aussiehunter blog.   Below are my three most recent blog posts.

Merkel Kipplauf K3 Stutzen Review

Merkel Kipplauf K3 Stutzen Review

This review was published in the 73rd edition of the SSAA Hunter magazine. I recently bought my last rifle.  I knew that day would eventually come, but it still surprised me.  I’ve known for many years what that rifle would be, as well.  Some folks call it an old...

Federal Fusion factory ammo for hunting

Federal Fusion factory ammo for hunting

I was sorting out an array of half-used packets of 243 Win, leftovers from what I had been using on a number of rifle tests in recent years, when I realised that I had not tested Federal Fusion in my current 243 Win rifles.  I had 12 rounds of the Federal Fusion 95...

Cooking Venison Steaks Blue

Cooking Venison Steaks Blue

Most folks these days appreciate that steak is more tender and tasty when it is not over-cooked.  That is especially so for game meat like venison, which has much less fat content than beef.  Do not grill a venison steak to the point of being “well-done” and expect a...

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Since 1981 I have been a freelance writer, photographer & illustrator.  I am a senior writer for the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and my articles appear regularly in their publications.